About Us

Our Mission Statement:

“To offer the most complete, accurate, and up-to-date information on wineries and wine tasting.”

We learned from years of personal experience and research that currently-available information about wineries and wine tasting is incomplete, inaccurate, and not accessible from a single source (magazine or website).  Many websites and magazines/guides have good information on the wineries, but it is often out-of-date and/or incorrect information.

We provide comprehensive, accurate (verified), and current information about wineries and wine tasting, through real-time, and near-real-time, data-gathering technologies.  We access wine product information directly from the wineries, through a “data-scraping” process we perform regularly, on all possible winery websites.  (Some winery websites do not allow for the “scraping” of wine product information).

WineryInfo offers the ability to customize your search for wineries, and wines available from the wineries (including wines available ONLY at the wineries themselves).  We provide interactive, customizable maps, which allow for efficient planning of wine-tasting trips. We also have direct links to all winery websites.  There are over 1,600 California wineries currently represented on our website, organized by wine region.

You can search and sort by:

-  Wineries Offering Tours

-  Where to Taste Wines Directly From the Barrels

-  Winery Tasting-Fee Ranges

-  Days & Hours of Operation

-  Wine Varietals

WineryInfo Exclusive!

(Rollout began October, 2012 with Pilot Region CARNEROS)

On-line Wine Tasting Information!

Want to find out which wineries (in the region you select) are pouring Pinot Noir vintage 2008 or older?  You can see this, and other “Wines Available to Taste” information on our website.  Search for any varietal or vintage (year or range) you want to taste today.  This Available to Taste information is available ONLY on our website!

Through our direct web-based interface with all of the wineries, we gather and display current information about:

-  Wines Currently Offered for Tasting (Vintage, Varietal, & Wine Name)

-  Tasting Fees

-  Tasting-fee Waiver Offers

Now you can find out who is pouring which wines for tasting on any day.  Currently, there is effectively no other source for this information, either in print or on the internet.  The only other way to know what wines you can sample today is to call, or physically walk into, a winery tasting room.  Less than 1% of all California wineries list their “Wines Available to Taste” on their websites!


WineryInfo is THE source for information about wineries, and wine tastings offered by the wineries.
Look no further to find what you want, where it is, and within your price range.